Pune And Beyond Travel Guide is conceived, visualised, realised and published by: INDI Design PVT LTD

INDI DesignINDI is a Pune based Brand, Design and Innovation consultancy. With its core strength in Branding and Communication Strategies, INDI is increasingly involved in Management Consulting, Organisational Design, and Design of Products, Services, Environments and Digital Experiences.

INDI is proud to present this Pune And Beyond Travel Guide as an ode to the city we love so much.

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POOL Magazine issues

INDI Design also publishes India’s first international design magazine called POOL MagazinePOOL is a monthly design magazine being published by Designindia. The first-of-its-kind magazine to be launched in India by INDI Design. The aim of Pool is inspiring via innovative approaches in never-seen-before Design/ Innovation/ Creativity features. POOL is committed to bringing about a publication that covers all design domains and stays true to the very essence of creativity and human development.

You can find more information about POOL Magazine at www.poolmagazine.in